Braga Street in Bandung

Braga Street is the name of a main road in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. The name of this street is well known since the reign of the Dutch East Indies. Until now the name of the street is still maintained as one of the mascots and tourist objects of the city of Bandung, which was formerly known as Parijs van Java.

On the right and left side of Braga Street there is a complex of shops that have architecture and urban planning that still retains the characteristics of ancient architecture during the Dutch East Indies. The layout of the shops follows the existing model in Europe in accordance with the development of the city of Bandung at that time (1920-1940s) as a fashion city that was quite famous as the city of Paris at the time.

Road and office building and office building models located on Jalan Braga are also seen in other road models around Braga Street such as Suniaraja Street (formerly known as Parapatan Pompa Street) and Asia –Africa Sreet which was built by Governor General Herman Willem Daendels in 1811, in front of the Merdeka Building.

Along this Braga street you will find a variety of culinary in Bandung with a comfortable and interesting place, sometimes there are bands that sing in the cafe. The majority of cafes around Braga street are cafes that serve a variety of drinks, especially coffee, but not a few cafes that serve a variety of foods.

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