Cipanas Garut Tourism Area

Cipanas Garut Tourism Area, this place has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Garut. Its location is close to the city center of Garut, it is about 6km, and also easy to reach. You can visit Cipanas Garut tourism area easly with indojavaholiday, we will take you to many tourism destination in Cipanas Garut tourism area.
The main tourist destination here is the Cipanas Garut bathing area. The main attraction of this area is the natural hot water directly sourced from the Guntur volcano, one of the active volcanoes that is located very close to this place. This natural hot spring is used by several tourist attractions here to become a hot water swimming pool, water bath, or wading room.
Natural Word or usually called by local people as Sabda Alam is a name of one of the tourist attraction located in Garut precisely located in the area of Cipanas. Sabda Alam is one of the recreation areas in the form of a water park with a Waterboom concept with complete facilities ranging from a vehicle for children to adults all here complete with the officers who guard it so that security is definitely maintained. In addition to a variety of exciting water rides to try, its wide range provides its own comfort for visitors.
Lake Dariza is also one of the most popular attractions in the Cipanas region. Almost the same as the Word of Nature, Lake dariza also offers an attractive water park but with a different concept. The atmosphere here is very calm and romantic with thick traditional customs in the style of Minang custom. The concept and shape of the building is like a gadang house (traditional house). When you enter this area, you will see an artificial lake that surrounds the hotel area. The lake is intentionally made to add a natural atmosphere so that visitors are comfortable and comfortable while in here.
The air here is very cool because there are many trees that grow here. Its location at the foot of Mount Guntur makes the scenery here so beautiful. The majestic view of the towering Mount Guntur landscape is clearly visible from here. Aside from being a place of lodging, Lake Dariza hotels and resorts also have a lot of other facilities that visitors can enjoy.
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