Dutch Tomb in Bandung West Java

Ereveld Pandu is a Dutch cemetery complex located on Jl. Pandu No. 32, Pamoyanan, Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Ereveld Pandu is one of 2 erevelds in JaBar, besides Ereveld Leuwigajah in Cimahi City. Indojavaholiday can arrange your trip to go to this Everald Pandu.

There are 4,000 graves in this area. Most were military figures and war victims who died in Japanese concentration camps until the fall of Japan in 1945. At the highest point of this ereveld fluttering flags and at the bottom of the flag the names of people who had been killed were printed.

Here stands 2 monuments, one for civilians who are buried without their names being identified, and another for soldiers who are buried without their names being discovered. Prof. Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker, a Dutch architect who designed the designs of a number of famous buildings in the city of Bandung, was buried in Ereveld Pandu.

Among the thousands of graves, there are Ursone family tombs. An Italian family who was a wealthy merchant of his time and founder of the Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) whose building still stands on Jalan Aceh. Ursone’s grave is the closest to the entrance to the cemetery. Only about 50 meters walk eastward through the public gravestone area so it arrives in front of Ursone’s grave.

The tomb by the name of Ursone Mausoleum has a different appearance among other tombs. The shape is arranged so that it has its own purpose. On the inside of the building has a room to store one or more gravestones in it.

From the front, the Ursone Mausoleum is in the shape of a temple with two female angel statues flanking at the entrance. In addition to the beautiful statue, on the top of the gravestone is written Orate Pro Nobis which means Pray for us.

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