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Pangandaran is an area located in the province of West Java, in Pangandaran there are many tourist attractions that must be visited by tourists, ranging from white sand beaches, black sand beaches, unique rivers, and others. Let’s take a vacation to Pangandaran with Indojavaholiday. We will take you to explore all the tourism object in Pangandaran and also explore a many tourism object in island of Java from the west of Java until from the east of Java.

You can visit many interesting attractions in Pangandaran with us indojavaholiday, we will take you to visit many tourist objects here. When you do a tour in the Pangandaran area you can start from Pangandaran beach, Pangandaran Beach is a mainstay tourist attraction in Pangandaran Regency located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in Pangandaran Village, Pangandaran District, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province.

Vacation in Pangandaran Beach you can swim in the beach. Sloping beaches, and the relatively long distance between highs and lows make swimming a safe activity. If you want to do something more challenging, Pangandaran Beach provides wind surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. You can also rent a boat to cross to Pasir Putih or With Sand to see coral, and various types of fish in the sea.

Then you also can visit Batu Hiu or Shark Stone Beach is a beach that has quite steep cliffs. There is a view off towards the Indian Ocean. This beach also has a beautiful natural panorama. Where from the top of a small hill are Pandang Wong trees. It is named Batu Shark Beach because it is a rock that looks at the sea and resembles shark fins.

In Pangandaran tourism area you can also visit Green Canyon. As the name Green Canyon has Tosca colored water, but the water is clean and clear. Clear turquoise water will appear in the dry season and be ready to hypnotize those of you who travel there. Unlike the case if the rainy season when the water discharge is high and the water can turn brown because of rain water.

Here you can rent a boat to explore Green Canyon and enjoy its beauty. During a trip down the Green Canyon, many natural stones will naturally form and add to the beauty of this attraction.

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