Galunggung Mountain

Galunggung Mountain is located about 17 km from the center of the city of Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. To reach the top of Galunggung, they built a ladder that has 620 steps. In this region there are several tourist attractions offered including tourist attractions and the attraction of ecotourism with an area of approximately 120 hectares under the management of Perhutani Public Corporation.

Tourism in the Galunggung Mountain area, seems to have received good attention from the local government. The path to Galunggung Crater for example. To watch the crater from above, visitors have been provided with a permanent ladder that can be used to reach the summit. A total of 620 steps must be tread. Indeed tiring, but when you get here, you will be amazed by the crater landscape that can be watched perfectly from above. On the crater rim, there is also a location that is often used as a camp by campers. They want to watch the crater from a closer distance. Of course you can visit this place, indojavaholiday will take you to see the Galunggung mountain crater from a closer distance.

In addition to Galunggung mountain crater, there are other attractions that you must visit such as a hot spring. Cold weather around Mount Galunggung, indeed the most fitting tricked by soaking in warm water. The location is known as Cipanas Galunggung. Here, there are several swimming pools that are commonly used for bathing. Special pool for children and adults was separated. Natural hot water at this location, containing sulfur which is believed to overcome various skin diseases and strokes.

Another tourist attraction is Curug Agung, which is one of the prime tourist attractions in the Galunggung Mountain region. Its potential is optimized by installing LED lights. So, it looks very beautiful, especially at night, so much more beautiful. It can change colors, from yellow, green, red and blue. The inauguration of Rainbow Light at Curug Agung, only took place in mid 2017. So, still relatively new. Curug with a height of about 80 meters is also beautiful witnessed during the day.

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