History of Cangkuang Temple

Cangkuang Temple is a Hindu temple located in Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang region, Leles District, Garut, West Java. This temple was also the first to be found in the Sunda Tatars and is the only Hindu temple in Sunda Tatars. You can visit Cangkuang Temple easly with indojavaholiday, we will take you to Cangkuang Temple and also other object destinations near by Cangkuang Temple.

The name Cangkuang Temple is taken from the name of the village where this temple is located. The word ‘Cangkuang’ itself is the name of a type of pandanus plant (pandanus furcatus), which is widely found around the tomb, Grandparent Dalem Arief Muhammad, ancestor of Kampung Pulo.

The history of the Cangkuang Temple is estimated to have been built in the 8th century AD, almost simultaneously with the history of the Sewu temple in Klaten and the Soul Temple which also resides in West Java. This temple is one of the temples from Hindu Syiwa, where this temple does not have reliefs on the temple wall.

This temple is also believed to be a historical link in the kingdoms of Indonesia in the past. Where previously also found several Hindu temples that have building architecture such as the Cangkuang Temple, such as the history of the Dieng temple in Wonosobo, and the history of the Gedong Songo temple in Bandungan Semarang.

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