Natural Tourism Papandayan Mountain

Mount Papandayan natural tourism area can be reached from downtown Garut, West Java, Indonesia in less than an hour by privat transportation. Mount of Papandayan is an Volcanic mountain, which is located between two villages, Sirnajaya and Kramatwangi, District Cisurupan, Garut. Of course you can visit Papandayan Mount easly with indojavaholiday, we will take you to see this Papandayan mountain in Garut.

On this Papandayan mountain you can also do climbing, climbing routes here have a route that is not too challenging which is certainly suitable for beginners. If you want to climbing on Mount Papandayan, the length of the climb you take is not so long, it takes approximately two or three hours to be able to climb and finish the Papandayan track.

Mount Papandayan has an active crater that still emits sulfur fumes. This crater is not very broad and does not exist at the top of the mountain, considering Papandayan is a strato-shaped volcano. The crater area is bounded by a guardrail, with the intention of forbidding visitors to approach. There are several craters, one main crater and several other small craters which are also seen emitting smoke.
Furthermore, on this Papandayan mountain you can find a beautiful expanse of edelweiss fields. Edelweis are mostly found in Tegal Alun, or the peak of Papandayan. However, this area is forbidden to be visited for safety reasons. Even though it doesn’t reach the peak, you can still see the eternal flower that is located between Saladah Cottage and the Dead Forest.
Then, there is also the “Dead Forest” which is a typical icon and a must-visit spot on Mount Papandayan, yes, the Dead Forest. The dead forest is filled with dead cantigi trees and leaves dry stems which create its own beauty. The dead forest is located above the main crater of Mount Papandayan. Almost all climbers stop in this area to take pictures and capture the moment with their friends in Papandayan.
Another attraction that you can find on Mount Papandayan, the very clear night sky above Mount Papandayan is very beautiful. The stars shine brightly so clearly. Photography hunters will be very happy to play the camera to get the perfect picture, the beautiful expanse of stars in the sky Papandayan. These stars will accompany the climbers who travel in the middle of the night until early morning.
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