Pasar Baru the Legendary Trading Place

Pasar Baru is a trading area centered on Pasar Baru street, Central Jakarta. This shopping center was founded in 1820, and is the oldest shopping center in Jakarta. Therefore, this market is often loved by people not only from Jakarta, but also outside Jakarta. Indojavaholiday will take you to this Pasar Baru Market and other tourist destinations in Central Jakarta.

Various merchandise from furniture, clothes to cosmetics are sold at this place. Many items are sold at low prices. If you visit this market, there’s no need to be confused. I would suggest you visit a several shops that are often recommended by visitors there.

The first thing is that the “Go-Lo” shop is the main target of Pasar Baru visitors. The goods in this shop are very complete, and this shop sells goods at low prices. Based on the official page, Go-Lo even uses the ‘discount store’ tag line. This shop sells many items, ranging from electronic devices, household items, toys, tools, various watches, musical instruments, beauty to health.

The second store is Lee Ie Seng, this shop is very legendary, because it has been established since 1873. This store does not just sell goods, but also stores its own historical value. From the building alone, this shop has a typical Chinese community building. You can even take photos in this store, the results of your photos will be vintage. Standing from generation to generation, this store also sets prices relatively cheaper than other stores. This shop sells a variety of community needs, ranging from umbrellas, sewing equipment, school equipment and so forth.

If you are tired of shopping, there are times when you go to a dining place to fill your stomach and rest. Well, you should try this one place to eat, Bakmi Gang Kelinci. Bakmi Gang Kelinci has been established since 1957, 61 years old, this shop has gone through various processes of change.

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