Satay Tower Historical Site in Bandung

Gedung Sate or Satay Tower, with its distinctive form of skewer ornamentation on its central tower, has long been a landmark of the City of Bandung which is not only known to the public in West Java, but also throughout Indonesia and even the model of the building is used as a sign for several buildings and city signs in West Java.

Gedung Sate architecture is the work of architect Ir. J. Gerber and his group are inseparable from the input of Dutch architect maestro Dr. Hendrik Petrus Berlage, who nuanced the face of the traditional archipelago architecture. You can visit Satay Tower or other place near by Satay Tower easly with indojavaholiday.

Not only the building is very popular, but also the complementary elements of the building in the form of a garden that is very well maintained. The park around Gedung Sate is a favorite location for tourists to take pictures, both taking ordinary pictures for mementos and photos for brides and shooting for films.

If you want to enter a building that has been recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings in Indonesia, then you must have permission first. This permission is not difficult to obtain if you follow the procedure correctly. If you only want to be around the building then you don’t need special permission.

When you enter the Gedung Sate building, the first time you encounter a Sundanese set of gamelan which is only played on certain occasions, for example entertaining special guests or state events. Almost all parts of this building are offices, including rooms that in ancient times were used as dungeons.

You will get a different atmosphere if you go up to the 4th floor. This 4th floor is usually used to entertain special guests or state events so that it has a more comfortable atmosphere. Besides being able to see beautiful scenery using binoculars, on the 4th floor there are also photos of the governor’s activities, equipped with various souvenirs and inscriptions from the province of West Java.

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