Shopping and Travelling at Tajur Market in Bogor West Java

Bogor shopping attractions with the sensation of vacation and play in a place that is a family favorite when filling a vacation in Bogor. Bogor City is one of the cities in Indonesia that not only has a nickname as a rainy city, but this city is a marker of the era where during the Indonesian struggle was engraved in it. Modernity does not displace its plural and dynamic community culture.

If we are someone who likes shopping and traveling, Tajur in Bogor can be an attractive shopping destination to visit. Due to the fact that in Bogor City there is a shopping tourism area called Tajur which sells a variety of bags, shoes and other personal equipment.

In addition to its relatively cheap price, the Bogor Tajur shopping area is also easily reached by private or public vehicles, of course indojavaholiday an take you to visit this Tajur area for shopping also travelling, and the location is not far from Bogor Peak tourist attractions in Bogor.

The place to shop for shoes, clothing bags and souvenirs in Bogor has grown rapidly in the last few years and is always crowded with tourists, both local and foreign. They not only came from Jakarta, but from Central Java, East Java, and various other regions in Indonesia, even now it is starting to come from foreign tourists.

One of the shops sought by shopping enthusiasts when stopping at Tajur Shopping Shopping Spot is Sumber Karya Indah (SKI) located on Katulampa street, it’s about 500 meters from the Tajur highway, Bogor City. It is said that SKI is often touted as a pioneer of bag manufacturing and trading in the Tajur area of Bogor.

Not just a shopping place in Bogor, SKI area is also one of the family tourism spots in Bogor. In this location we can find tourist attractions that offer a vehicle for recreation and recreation for families. So besides we can look for souvenirs at shopping attractions in Bogor, we can also satisfy holidays with our children.

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Shopping and Travelling at Tajur Market in Bogor West Java

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