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Cianjur is the name of a subdistrict city in Tatar Pasundan, West Java province, Indonesia. This sub-district city is the capital of Cianjur Regency. Cianjur is also famous for sweets, fragrant and fluffier rice and other snacks, also famous for tauco. Cianjur is cold in the north and in the south. In the north it is bordered by Bogor, in the south by the Indonesian Ocean, in the west it is bordered by Sukabumi, in the east by West Bandung and Garut, and in the northeast by Purwakarta.
Indojavaholiday will take you to trip in Cianjur to visit many tourist object and also tourist attraction. With the contours of the land hilly, saved the potential for a cool tour and must be explored by nature tourism lovers. In addition, there are also various artificial tourist attractions that are equally interesting.
Relax in nature, Bravo Campground Citampele, is the right place for you to relax in Cianjur without leaving comfort. Bravo Campground is a great place because it is in the beautiful hills with cool air. There are also cool selfie spots to pamper selfie lovers.
Canopy Trail TNGGP, Cibodas. What does it feel like to walk through the trees, but without having to step on the earth and fly between the clouds? Well, you can feel the sensation when you visit the Canopy Trail of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park in Cibodas. Being in the trees with the atmosphere and the cool air, the impression you get is not felt. The 130-meter Canopy Trail stretches out with four Rasamala trees as support poles. Walking on this suspension bridge can stimulate your adrenaline, not only because the width of the path is not wide enough, and also is at a height of about 45 meters from the ground, but also because the bridge is always swaying.
Then for the culinary, Laksa Cianjur as a typical food of West Java Cianjur has a delicious taste and of course delicious. This food is widely consumed by both local residents and tourists visiting Cianjur, West Java. If you have the opportunity to visit Cianjur, you are also required to taste this culinary dish because it is guaranteed not to disappoint and the price is quite affordable. This Cianjur Laksa is similar to the Bogor Laksa because the location of the Cianjur and Bogor areas are close together, so that the typical types of food are similar to one another. Although similar, but after feeling it, surely you will be able to distinguish the taste of Cianjur laksa and Bogor laksa. You can find this delicious and delicious Laksa Cianjur on Jalan Mokhamad Ali because there are several sellers of this Cianjur specialty food.
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