Unique Customs and Culture of Dragon Village

Kampung Naga or Dragon Village is located in Tasikmalaya, West Java, a village inhabited by a group of people who are very strong in holding the customs of their ancestral heritage, in this case the Sundanese custom. Like the Bedouin settlement, Kampung Naga or Dragon Village became the object of anthropological study of the life of rural Sundanese people during the transition from Hinduism to Islamic influence in West Java.

There is no historical clarity, when and who was the founder and what was behind the formation of the village with a culture that is still strong. Naga residents themselves call the history of the village with the term “Torchare Pareum”. Pareum if translated in Indonesian, which is dead, dark. And the torch itself means lighting, light, lights. If translated briefly namely, the death of lighting. This relates to the history of the Dragon Village itself.

This village is administratively located in the Neglasari Village area, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Province. Let’s take a vacation to Kampung Naga or Dragon Village with Indojavaholiday. We will take you to explore the island of Java from the west of Java until from the east of Java.

The shape of the Kampung Naga community home should be on stilts, bamboo and wood materials. The roof of the house must be made of palm leaves, palm fiber or alang-alang, the floor of the house must be made of bamboo or wooden boards. The house must face to the north or south to the east-west direction. The walls of the house are from bamboo booths or woven with sasag. Houses should not be painted, unless whitewashed or dimmed. Home materials may not use walls, even if they are able to make a wall or building (gedong).

Houses should not be equipped with furniture, such as chairs, tables and beds. Houses should not have doors in two opposite directions. Because according to the opinion of the people of Kampung Naga, the fortune that enters the house through the front door will not go out through the back door. For that, in installing door sash, they always avoid installing door sockets that are parallel in a straight line.

Kampung Naga is very interesting to visit right? Here you can explore the customs and culture of the Dragon Village community and also can enjoy the beautiful and cool village views. Contact us in www.indojavaholiday.com

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