White Bodas Lake

Bodas Lake is located in Sukamenak Village, Wanaraja District, Garut Regency. About 25 kilometers from the urban center of Garut. If from Bandung direction, tourists can pass the Kadungora-Leles-Tarogong-Karangpawitan-Wanaraja route with a distance of about 1 hour.

Bodas Lake is a natural tourist area in the form of a small lake with hot sulfur water. It is called Talaga Bodas or Telaga Putih because when viewed from a distance the lake’s color looks white. Natural sulfur water in Talaga Bodas is estimated to have a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.

Beautiful lake scenery supported by the expanse of pine-fringed hills around the lake. This tourist area is usually used by tourists to take pictures or just take a walk.

Bodas Lake presents a beautiful view and fresh air, suitable to cool the mind and eliminate fatigue. This instagramable tourist spot is fun to visit on weekends. You can visit Bodas Lake easly with indojavaholiday.

There are several places that can be visited in the Talaga Bodas Nature Park. The main one is of course the crater area. Another place that can be visited is a hot tub. The location is in the right area of the crater. The pool is open, directly on the edge of the crater. To get to this location, we just walk down the route to the right of the crater.

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